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Blockware Solutions Quarterly Update

Blockware Solutions Quarterly Update

Greetings Miners, Blockchain Enthusiasts, and Hobbyists!

We have all endured a long 11 month and still counting Crypto Winter but one thing Bitcoin has taught us through its life cycle is to dress warm and survive as the Bitcoin Bull Markets can provide the most life changing returns. The persistent downtrend in price has been depressing to keep it simple, which emits a bearish sentiment. When we take a step back and analyze the developments in the Bitcoin Market over the past 2-3 years, we at Blockware Solutions, have never felt more bullish for the following reasons:
• Yale, Harvard, MIT, Dartmouth, Stanford and University of North Carolina Endowments have now invested in Digital Currency.

• Fidelity has been mining Bitcoin and Ethereum and will now be offering custody solutions to institutional investors and access to Bitcoin.

• The parent company of the NYSE (ICE) will be launching a bitcoin product this December and offering custody solutions to investors. This is in partnership with Microsoft, Starbucks and Boston Consulting Group.

• We continue to see the largest family offices and greatest hedge fund titans begin to invest in the space such as: 7 of the top 10 Family Offices, Steven Cohen, Stanley Drukenmiller, George Soros, The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

• A wide array of tech and business talent that has poured into the Blockchain Industry is positively overwhelming. The best tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Adobe, Microsoft in addition to Wallstreet are all bleeding talent as the best entrepreneurs are leaving to build in the Blockchain Industry. The top colleges in the world are now offering blockchain majors and courses. This will be the base layer for improved development and adoption.

It is almost impossible to time the market and pick the exact bottom, but we are firmly under the belief that the above parties that are getting exposure to digital currency are getting involved during the first few innings rather than towards the end. We believe that the tech talent migration that has been at the cutting edge of technological innovation is signaling the next big disruption. Lastly, we believe the top college programs are preparing and offering our best and brightest young minds a Blockchain Curriculum as they too have high conviction that this is the future.
As a result, Blockware Solutions has doubled down on the Digital Currency Industry. We have expanded our team and have continued to build out a high-quality network of partners to assure we source the best pricing on mining hardware and the lowest pricing on turnkey hosting facilities without compromising the quality and integrity of the service. The profitable mining equation is all about minimizing mining equipment cost and ongoing operational expenditure through low cost power and that is what Blockware Solutions delivers on.

Our Key Findings for Hosting Solutions
It is critical to work with experienced facilities (1-2+ years experience) that are stress tested (run 1000-2000+ machines) and have operated through the summers as we experienced facilities tackling their first summer and not being able to keep up with cooling. • Container Solutions have proven to be the best option with key partners. To elaborate, if the partner utilizes a high-quality container solution (which we vet) that solution will offer just as high quality of a housing environment as an indoor facility for our customers’ ASICs yet typically offer a 15-25% cheaper contract rate as less cost on infrastructure spend is required from the hosting facility. • Facilities provide excellent volume discounts but there is never too little to host. We can consistently get all in pricing between 6.8 cents and 8.5 cents depending volume (volume ranging from 1 unit to 500+). These prices include electricity, internet, management, storage – all in solution.

Highlighting the Release of the Next Generation Bitcoin ASIC Miner
In case you haven’t heard already, Bitmain publicly announced the release of their Next Generation 7nm Antminer yesterday. There are two different models: the S15 and the T15. Both are believed to be game changing miners when compared to the S9 and other 7nm ASICs from the competition.
With that, we’re pleased to announce that we have a private allocation for sale to our clients. This is a very limited supply of Batch 1 units. We will handle the full ordering process and the units will be shipped directly to you or your hosting facility. Of course, Bitmain’s manufacturer warranty is included and if necessary, our team will facilitate the warranty process at no charge.
We believe Bitmain will limit the number of units an individual can purchase in Batch 1 as they have done in the past. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that Batch 1 will sell out quickly on November 8th (the S15 and T15 release date). These units are poised to be an industry leader when it comes to efficiency & durability. If this Next Gen hardware is of interest to you, simply reach out to us, provide a brief message on roughly the number you’re looking to add to your mining portfolio and then we can discuss availability & pricing ahead of the public release.

All the best,
Blockware Solutions Team

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