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Mining Resources

Mining Resource Hub:

“Introduction to Bitcoin Mining: For beginners – how bitcoin mining works?

Create a Bitcoin Wallet: Get started by creating an account to deposit and cash-out your mining rewards or

Cryptocurrency Market Caps: Access to the real-time market cap, supply and price of each token

Selecting the Right Hardware: What model miner is the best fit for your operation?  Compare real-time revenues across different mining rigs

Mining Profitability Calculator: How much revenue do you plan to generate with your mining rigs? 

Bitcoin Difficulty Estimator: Real time block data and network difficulty estimates

OTC for Institutional Accounts: Over-the-Counter for token purchases of over $100,000


Blockware Solutions can assist with any stage of the Bitcoin Mining process, from facility planning to hardware deployment.

In order to mine Bitcoin safely and profitably, it is important to consider your unique circumstances with respect to your infrastructure and the goals of your mining operation.  Important considerations include:

  • Site location
  • Power availability
  • Power cost ($ / kWh)
  • Supplementary infrastructure needs
  • Monthly fixed expenses (rent, insurance, heating, ventilation and cooling, etc) to run the mining rigs
  • Expected monthly mining reward revenue


Blockware Solutions can supply all your hardware needs at competitive prices and provide access to a network of Data Center facilities capable of running & monitoring your mining rigs at low-fixed electricity rates.