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Mining Rig Services

We are a professional distributor and service provider operating out of Chicago. By using our innovative service model, rather than paying large premiums on the re-seller market you will pay a fair service fee per rig on top of the base price. This is far more economical as you will not make back that pricing premium during our estimated delivery time-frame. We offer pricing discounts for large orders – please fill out an inquiry with purchase details and we will contact you with options.

By shipping the products directly to the consumer, from the manufacturer, our customers have a greater assurance of receiving a brand new product with timely delivery. The supplier also offers warranties and Blockware handles all contact with the supplier including fulfillment of warranties, if necessary.

Blockware Solutions charges a flat service fee and accepts payment via wire transfer. Blockware has digital currency on hand and relationships with two of the largest OTC/Institutional Brokerages in the digital currency space through Mr. D’Souza’s hedge fund.

Hardware: New Mining Rigs available for purchase

In-Stock Inventory

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