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Blockware Solutions provides industry best resources for mining Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency profitably, regardless of BTC price. Our innovative service model can source brand new Mining Rigs, both ASIC and GPU, for Mining Cryptocurrency. We source these Mining Rigs and other mining hardware directly from manufacturer; including Bitmain, Innosilicon, Halong, Avalon, and Baikal, arranging delivery to your door with factory warranty. We also have access to an extensive inventory of pre-owned rigs for Mining Cryptocurrencies, offered at a discount, available for immediate purchase and delivery across the United States.

In addition to providing industry best Mining Hardware, Blockware Solutions offers access to an extensive network of top tier Data Center Facilities across North America who specialize in Hosting & Collocation services for BTC and Cryptocurrency Mining hardware.  Providing a low electricity rate and Experienced BTC mining technologists monitoring your machines 24/7.

Digital Currency Intelligence

  • Guidance with product selection: we can assist you in developing a custom cryptocurrency mining strategy
  • Up-to-date research and analysis of significant Bitcoin News,  Bitcoin Price updates & cryptocurrency market developments

Mining Hardware

  • Supply the best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mining hardware available. Each order is placed to customer specification  
  • Bulk order discounts for over 200 mining rigs
  • Container solutions for large Bitcoin miners that can reduce energy consumption and electricity cost

Hosting & Colocation Services

  • Provide access to an extensive network of experienced BTC Mining Data Centers that host your mining rigs, providing maximum machine uptime and oversight while you monitor remotely
  • Facilities available across the United States and Canada with low $/kWh electricity rates
  • Can accommodate any type of cryptocurrency miner: ASIC and GPU

Product Pricing

  • We offer a competitive price of products and guaranteed fulfillment of services.

Hardware: New Mining Rigs available for purchase


Mining Pools

Pools developed and managed by the Blockware Solutions Team:

Blockware Pool is an AION pool owned and managed by Blockware Solutions and an Executive of Blockchain Opportunity Fund: an Aion Official Partner, investor, and early supporter of the Aion Network. We strive to provide a reliable and effective pool to generate hash power to secure the Aion Blockchain. | Aion Partners

Our Team

Mason Jappa


  •  B.S. in Finance & M.A.S. in Information Systems from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business
  •  3 years in Management Consulting – Technology
  •  1.5 years as a Sales Engineer at Fusion Risk Management

Matt D'Souza


  •  B.S and M.A.S. in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign
  •  CPA Exams completed
  •  4 years of experience in Management Consulting
  •  Hedge fund manager in the digital currency space

Sam Chwarzynski


  •  B.S in Economic History and Consumer Psychology from University of Pennsylvania.
  •  Student Athlete – Football. 2013 All-Ivy League Selection
  •  3+ years as an FX Trader

Currency Comparisons

We believe that we are apart of one of the greatest bull markets and digital currencies will continue to outperform other investments.



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Refund Policy:

To the extent Blockware’s estimates of the cost of the hardware and its
delivery are inaccurate, Blockware agrees to refund any overpayment to Client within ten (10) calendar days of its final determination that such amounts are payable to Client.  

Once the order has been placed with the supplier, there will be no refunds on the equipment purchased.

Privacy Statement:

By accessing this website, you agree to keep all materials confidential.  You agree not to disseminate or otherwise provide any material obtained from the Standards Database to any person not currently an Authorized User as defined under this Agreement. Prohibited dissemination includes, but is not limited to, publishing or posting content to other websites or any listserves. Any non-confidential use must be authorized in writing and in advance.